WCF Adapter tutorial


I discover a new link very interesting on msdn about WCF LOB Adapter.

How to Build an WCF Lob Adapter !!! The WCF Lob Adapter SDK Tutorial (version 2010) explain you in detail all the steps to :

  • Develop an adapter (Tutorial 1)
  • Consume the adapter (Tutorial 2)
  • Hosting the adapter in IIS (Turorial 3)

each Tutorial have a lot of steps with a lot of details. I follow this tutorial and in a couple of day, i will publish a new WCF adapter with Maxime Labelle 

Keep connect 😉

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2 Responses to WCF Adapter tutorial

  1. Jérémie,

    Such a great opportunity to try and shake things up regarding BizTalk, whose roadmap for the future clrearly lies in what is happening right now on the Cloud space.

    I’ve published a new article about our adapter on my blog.


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