Unable to install Windows SharePoint Services Adapter Web Services


I’ve to build the communication between BizTalk and SharePoint. My configuration is :

  • BizTalk Server 2010
  • SharePoint Foundation 2010

The components are situated on separated servers.

To realize that communication, as explain on the msdn , you have to install :

  • the runtime and the design time components, theses artifacts are installed and configured with the BizTalk Features on the machine
  • the adapter Web services, this component need to be present on the computer that host the Windows SharePoint Services.


To install the SharePoint Adapter Web Service, you use the BizTalk installer. In my case, I connect on my SharePoint server and try to install the component, but the box that allow me to choose de component was grayed out…



After some research on google, i found a topic that suggest the problem is the result of a mismatch between the version of the Windows SharePoint Services Language Template Pack and the version of SharePoint Services.

Indeed, here is the thing :

  • my sharepoint installation was made in french
  • my biztalk installer was the english version.

So I decided to download the french version of BizTalk and Voila !!!! the box is available.


So now, I hope the Web Service (On Sharepoint Side – FR ) and the BizTalk adapter (on BizTalk Side – EN/US) will work correctly together.

More information on the issue : http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb727787%28BTS.70%29.aspx

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