Windows Azure SDK 1.6 Available (November Release)


A new version of the SDK is available since 14 nov. You can install it directly with the WebPlatform Installer.

Now you have to say “Windows Azure SDK for .NET”

What’s new :

  • The Windows Azure AppFabric is now the Windows Azure .NET Libraries and is installed with the Windows Azure SDK
    • Service bus enhancements
    • Caching enhancements
  • Updates to the Storage Client Managed Code APIs
    • updates to the Microsoft.WindowsAzure.StorageClient namespace
    • The managed library adds the Get Service Settings and Set Service Settings methods for working with settings for the Blob, Queue, or Table services, including settings for configuring analytics
  • Updates to the Windows Azure storage emulator
  • Fixed bugs in the Windows Azure SDK
  • Optimized storage emulator startup experience

Source :

More info on the installation :

More info on the using :

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