SharePoint Developer Tools in Visual Studio

Two weeks ago, I tried to develop on SharePoint Foundation 2010 with Visual Studio. SharePoint Foundation 2010 is free and the installation is just a cool click and Next. After few minutes, your SharePoint portal is online.


Then, if you want to develop for the SharePoint Portal, you can follow the instruction of the MSDN. You can see that you need :

But, in some case, your platform already have an Visual Studio 2010 installed, and after installing SharePoint and the SDK, you seems you should have the templates project in Visual Studio … If not like in the following screen,


you need to install the SharePoint Developer tools, a strange thing is that you need the Visual Studio 2010 installer. Indeed, you need to go to the Add/Remove Features of Visual Studio 2010 to find the SharePoint Dev Tools.


After this, you could develop on SharePoint 2010.


One last thing, you should have install SharePoint on the platform you want to develop to have the Dev tools available.

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