How-to : Access new Azure Management Portal (and go back to the old ;))

Today, I’ve show to my colleagues the new Management portal on my phone device (because the new UI is in HTML 5 !!!!)

They answers me : “Ho, It’s been released? but when I go to the portal, I see the old management portal!!!!”.

And that’s true, if you go to , you will find the old portal. But you always need to use this portal for some features as DataSync, User Management, Service Bus etc…

If you look at the old portal, you could notice a new button at the bottom of the screen :


This button : image will launch the new Portal and ask you to re-log on.

If it’s your first log-on on the Preview Portal, you will take a tour as explain in a previous post

Have fun.

For information, the url of the Preview Portal is

EDIT (for people who need the old portal) :

once your are on the new portal the UI is like this one :


On the middle-top of the screen you can see a Preview button : image

When your cursor is on the button, the following screen appears :


On this screen,you’ve the ability to go back to the old portal to manage other service that are not already available on the preview portal.


EDIT (30/10/2012) : Now the new portal is in release, so new menus have appeared.

To go back to the old portal, you have to click on your account (top right) and click on “Previous Portal”

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10 Responses to How-to : Access new Azure Management Portal (and go back to the old ;))

  1. Bruce says:

    Great, now the friggen system keeps putting in the new portal, and I can’t get back to the old. Sheesh!!!

  2. Divya says:

    In the released version of the portal – click your user name and then select Previous Portal.

  3. Hi Divya & Jeremie devillard

    I have valid azure subscription , i wanna go back to old portal.. But i am neither getting the previous portal option in dropdown of the email address nor have preview menu displayed on the new azure portal.. How can i go back to previous portal? Have any other option or way?

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