Azure Management Portal : new features


New features have recently been added to the management portal (

image manage service bus subscription
image manage the management certificates and site co-administrators

Manage the Service Bus

Under the App Services category, you have the ability to manage the Service Bus Queue, Topic and Relay by :

  • a quick create (Name, Region, Subscription)
  • or a custom create (with more parameters).


When you click on Service Bus, you can see all your namespace created (name), status, location and subscription.


Once you’ve chosen your namespace, you’ve accessed to a list of your artifacts (Service Bus Queues, Service Bus Topics ,Service Bus Relays)



let’s see the details offered on the Topic :


A graphic presents an historical of the incoming messages and the size of the topic. You have access to an overview,.

Two things interesting on this page :

  • The connection String shortcut
  • the Disable Button : indeed, you can disable your topic and refuse all data to be send/receive. If you try, you will have the following exception :

Messaging entity ‘storespace:Topic:topic’ is currently disabled..TrackingId:0474fddf-69c6-4cce-abdf-1414331fc432_G1_B4,T
imeStamp:10/8/2012 9:25:18 AM


The key configuration for the topic :



A useful category is also the Relays (New) , where you can see the number of relay Endpoints AND listeners on each of theses endpoints.


Manage the Co-Admin

On the Settings, a new tab is arrived “Administrators”, this allows you to add co-admin to your subscription (one of the thing that you’ve to do with the old portal Sourire)



So, now, it’s seems that almost all the features are now available on the new portal. All ? ho yes, there is not always :

  • Data Sync
  • Access Control
  • Caching (but will this feature continue ? …)
  • Reporting
  • CDN
  • ….

But it’s a really good update Clignement d'œil

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