Ebook Review : Learning Microsoft Azure


During the holidays, I’ve had the opportunity to make a review of the new Ebook written by Geoff Webber-Cross  and edited by PackPublishing :


You can order the book using this url : http://bit.ly/11BUWXf


This book covers the following subjects around the Microsoft Azure Platform :


An introduction to Cloud Computing and Microsoft Azure

  • Designing a Scalable & Resilient System in Microsoft Azure
  • Develop a Microsoft Azure Solution using the following Service :
    • Azure Web Site with MVC project, Social Auth, SSL …,
    • Azure SQL Database : creating and managing
    • Azure Service Bus Integration with Topic, Subscription & Push Notification
    • Cloud Services with Worker Roles
    • Diagnostic & Debugging Application in Azure on Website & Cloud Service
    • Mobile Service
    • Azure Active Directory
    • Configuration of various environment


All the book is oriented in developing a Sample Application around a Industrial Azure Bakery. This sample allow you to work with each services describe upon.

This book is aimed at .Net Developers interested in building systems for Microsoft Azure and those who want to learn more about the Microsoft Azure Platform.

It’s a great book to start on the Microsoft Azure with a concrete Sample and also for experimented people to review some basic about the Microsoft Azure Platform.

More on Geoff Webber-Cross :

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