Error when trying to configure Access Control Service on the Windows Azure Management Portal


Recently, I discover a strange error when I try to configure the Access Control Service of Windows Azure.

Indeed, when I click on the button : image

I discover an error page :

An error occurred while processing your request.

HTTP Error Code:

ACS50000: There was an error issuing a token.

Inner Message:
ACS60000: An error occurred while processing rules for relying party ‘’ using issuer ‘uri:WindowsLiveID’.

Inner Message:
ACS60001: No output claims were generated during rules processing.

Trace ID:

2011-09-16 21:52:34Z


This error happens when a user logs on to http://windows using the Live ID associated with their Account Administrator account and the Live ID is different from the Service Administrator account. The Account Administrator Live ID current does not sufficient permissions to manage “ACSV2” namespaces.

In fact, I’m a co-admin and if the service administrator doesn’t add me as admin for ACS, I can’t admin this part of the service…

So the solution is to log in the Access Control Service with the live ID of the Service Administrator then :

  • go to Administration Section
  • click on Portal Administrators
  • Click on Add.. to add a administrator and allows the access of the Access Control Service for others people.
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