SQL Azure Data Sync Service Update 4 released


Since april, 3rd SQL Azure Data Sync preview release has been upgraded to Service Update 4.This Update eagerly awaited (I think, not only by me) adds a most requested feature :

The ability for the user to edit an existing Sync Group to accomodate changes they have made to their database schemas , without having to re-create the Sync Group


If you synchronise Azure Db with a local Db, you’ve to uppdate your local agent with the last release. If you only synchronise Cloud To Cloud database , the Sync Group don’t need to be re-created, the new features work automatically.

In this release, we’ve also :

  • more information on the Sync Portal
    • display upgrade and support status of local agent software
    • warning for sync group that may be out of date
  • fixed issues that affect ORM frameworks such as Entity Framewok and NHibernate working with Data Sync
  • Better error and status messages.

You can find 3 scenarios on the msdn blog post of this release that explains the changes :

  • User adds a table and a column to a sync group
  • User removes a table and a column from a sync group
  • User changes the length of a column in a sync group

If you would like to suggest new features or vote for existing, go to the suggestion site.

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